Winkler Business Header Picture
Winkler’s unofficial motto is “Open for Business” and that way of thinking has been very important in allowing the City Council and the City Manager to work on encouraging new businesses to choose Winkler. Winkler is in an enviable position, offering a growing population and a significant trade area plus an excellent location. The community also has tremendous momentum with no end in sight to the rapid growth it is experiencing.
Winkler lies in the middle of a pocket of some of the richest soil in the world. At its best, the Red River Valley has black, sandy soil with no rocks, and the best of that soil surrounds the City of Winkler.
Residents who were raised in the area call it “potato land” because it’s so well suited to growing spuds, but numerous other crops also help round out the products that can be grown here.
They include wheat, canola, corn, beans and numerous other specialty crops. Livestock operations are also becoming more familiar; farmers raise hogs, cattle and also contribute to the making of cheese with dairy farms.
The growth and development of a wide variety of industries may very well be the secret to Winkler’s success. A wide variety of products are manufactured in the city including mobile homes, houseboats, farm equipment and windows and doors.
There are several foundries located in the community and local businesses manufacture cabinetry, trailers and hopper bins not only for customers in the region but all over North America.
The city of Winkler offers many businesses and services in various sectors: professional, public and non-government services, see below for a list of categories.