Winkler's Dining Guide
Chicken Chef Gingerwood Lane
Winkler has many restaurants offering a variety of foods including: authentic German foods, Mennonite foods, family dining, fast food and great coffee shops. See below for the most complete list of restaurants and coffee shops in the city of Winkler.
Winkler's Dining Guide
A&W Restaurant 204-325-5332
CK’s Lounge 204-325-4381
Charley B’s Classic Grill & Ice Cream Parlour 204-325-1221
Chicken Chef
Chicken Chef 204-325-9380
Coffee Culture Eatery and Cafe 204-325-0285
Country Kitchen 204-325-4381
DJ’s Family Restaurant 204-325-8080
Dairy Queen 204-325-7886
Del Rios 204-325-5273
Gingerwood Lane
Gingerwood Lane 204-325-6341
Iceburg’s Drive-In 204-325-7474
J&H Topper’s 204-325-5033
Jonny’s Java 204-325-7288
McDonald’s 204-325-4143
Mulligan’s 204-325-9499
New World Chinese Restaurant 204-325-9586
Pizza Hotline 204-325-3888
Ralphs German Restaurant 204-325-9500
Smitty’s Family Restaurant 204-325-7075
Subway 204-325-7868
Szutu’s 204-325-6818
Tim Horton’s 204-325-1525
Triangle Oasis 204-325-4348
Twister’s Burger’s & Fries 204-325-1957
Valley Bakery Coffee Shop 204-325-8861
Winkler Pizza 204-325-5181